Here’s how to set up your voicemail with net2phone:

From your online dashboard, click on your profile avatar on the top righthand corner of the screen. (if you haven’t uploaded a photo yet, this will be your initials)

  • Click Profile
  • Click on the Voicemail tab on the right side of the window
  • Listen to your current greeting at the top of the page by clicking the Play button.
  • Below that, you’ll find different options on recording your voicemail.
  • Alternatively you can access voicemail from your phone. To do so dial *95, enter your password, (if you haven’t set a new password the default password is “1000”).
  • Press option 4 for mailbox options and then 1 for greeting options.

Pro Tip: You can upload a saved audio file as your voicemail! We support mp3, m4a, and wav file types.